Song Information - Embers
Written By:Ian Astbury/Billy Duffy
Albums the song appears on:Capsule 2
Played live for the first time:Sep 14, 2010
Most recently played live:Feb 5, 2011
Remix Information:
The world that you spit upon
Has forgotten your name
Cinder ash becomes a spark
Watch your embers turn to flame
So beautiful
Everything is beautiful

Everything you need my love
Is hidden in these tears
Nothing left to hide
Nothing left to fear
We'll run like wild dogs
No mortal hand can stop
Everything that's born
Soon will turn to dust

So beautiful
Through diamond eyes
You speak my love
Scream louder
They can't hear you
Stay with me my love

The maginc that you call upon
A spell that is your name
So beautiful
Everything is beautiful

So beautiful forever
Don't be afraid
How long how long