Cult Fonts

Well, I've scoured the net for them for all to enjoy and use with their favourite graphics or word processing programs, or whatever else.

All of these fonts aside from the two described below were found on the web and are believed to be public-domain. If you are the copyright holder of anything here, let me know and the font will be removed.

I was able to get a kind Mac soul to convert these to Mac for me also. Thank you to the Mac users here who encouraged me to get this done. It's nice to see the interest out there.

To install any font on your PC, simply copy the *.ttf file to your C:\windows\fonts folder.  See the font links at the bottom of the page for more information. I unfortunately can't help you with Mac font installation. The fonts are now available only as a single download containing all 11 fonts. There is a *.zip for PC and a *.sit for Mac.

The two "CultLove" typefaces were created by yours truly, because I've never seen anything like them, but wanted to have these very cool fonts to generally play around with and create artwork for my own enjoyment, and to share with others here.
These versions are free for personal use, ©2000 Todd Bainbridge.  I have no idea whether they exist in an official version anywhere; in fact I doubt it, since some of the flourishes in the ornate face varied in different instances of the same letter, namely the "L".  These letters were most likely a one time only custom production.  The characters that were not on any album (like the letters Q and Z and most of the numbers), had to be created from scratch.  I hope you think they blend in nicely and don't look out of place. Please let me know how you like them.

As always, any comments, let Jon or me know.


Download Windows Cult fonts
Download Mac Cult fonts


Dreamtime (US release) CD
Dreamtime Live At The Lyceum CD & Video Set

Dreamtime (Canadian Release)  & Love (UK Release; Back)
She Sells Sanctuary 12"

Dreamtime Live at the Lyceum (Canadian LP)

Love album

Love album

Electric album; Love Removal Machine 12"

Lil' Devil 12"

Sonic Temple album

Sonic Temple album

Ceremony album

The Cult (Self-titled)

Coming soon:
-I will be working on a font of dingbats like crosses, symbols from the Love cover, etc.
-If I don't find a typeface like the Pure Cult album's title soon, I'll have to make one of those.

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