Welcome to the Cult collectables page. This is an incomplete list of all the collectables available by our favorite band. I'm going to categorize them ordered by year of release. If you feel I've missed anything, please send me details of the item you have along with a picture, and I'll get it up on here.

Pre-Dreamtime Era

Mickey Mouse Pin

Black plastic with silver paint Mickey Mouse and Crossbones pin from the Death Cult album

Dreamtime Era

Go West single

The Go West 7" was released in limited edition with a poster bag.

Dreamtime Picture Disk

Picture Disk

A nice picture disk of the whole album.

Love Era

Love silk flag

BBC Transcription Album

BBC Album

This vinyl album comes in a yellow plain sleeve. It is from the Oct 31, 1985 concert, which was broadcast on the BBC and affiliated radio stations. There is a claim that this album has less than 100 pressings available world wide. There is some speculation that there are two versions of this disc available. One has green printing on the record label, the other just black and white. The black and white one is apparently a bootleg, and the green is apparently the real thing. Recently, these have been showing up on E-Bay selling for between $100 and $200 US each for the real, green ones.

Electric Era

Lil' Devil Clock


Put out by Sire/Reprise records, the face of the clock has the picture from the US release of the Lil' Devil single

Electric Clock

Clock #1

This is one of two clocks produced promoting the Electric Album.

Electric Beer Can

This beer can is the one that appeared in the Love Removal Machine video. They were regular cans with a sticker attached to the outside. It's unknown how many of these still exist.

Electric Vest


This is a one-of-a kind item, the vest Billy is pictured wearing in many of the Electric-era promotional pictures.

Sonic Temple Era

Sonic Temple Collection

The Sonic Temple Collection is a set of three CD Singles issued in Canada. The first one, Fire Woman was released with the case, and then Edie (Ciao Baby) and Sweet Soul Sister were released after. The collection was available on CD, Vinyl and Cassette. The second release, Edie (Ciao Baby) was originally issued with a red pin in the shape of Billy's guitar pose. This set is still available, but it's unknown how many were made. In most cases, the case was numbered, but I have seen examples where it wasn't.

Metal Box for Sonic Temple Collection

Metal Box

In very rare forms of the above Sonic Temple Collection, it came in this handy metal box.

Sonic Temple 3" Collection

3 Inch CDs

In a vinyl case, the 3" CD collection was available for a short time in England. It came with the Fire Woman CD single, and the Edie single was available for purchase later. This item came numbered and unnumbered.

The Electric, Love, and Manor Boxes


Limited edition collectable boxes containing the first 3 CDs that make up the box set. The first three CDs were issued in this format, and without the collectable box, then the white and black box sets were released, and made to integrate these three discs.

The White Box Set

White Box

The White box set was released originally with 7 CDs and space for three more which could be purchased separately. The CDs covered all the Cult's singles and rarities up to and including Sonic Temple.

The Black Box Set

Black Box

The Black box is the same as the above white one, with the exception that it includes the interview disk pictured in the centre. (as the 11th disk). It is identifiable by the different exterior casing, too.

Fire Woman T-Shirt

Edie Video Jacket



Obviously, this is a one-of-a kind item. This is the jacket Billy wore in the video for Edie (Ciao Baby). What a collector's item.

Sweet Soul Sister Vest


Another one-of-a kind item, you may recognize this vest as it was worn during the video shoot to Sweet Soul Sister.

Sonic Temple Dog Tag

Dog Tag

A Sonic Temple Dog Tag on metal chain. It's unknown how many of these were produced.

Sonic Temple Promotional Cube


Cardboard Promotional Cube for use in record stores.

Sonic Temple Car Promotional Fold Out

This is a record store promotional item, the old car from the Sonic Temple album. It stands about 3 feet tall.

Ceremony Era

Ceremony Collection

The Ceremony Collection was supposed to be a three CD set released in both Canada and the UK. It was released in a white box, with the Wild Hearted Son CD single, with places for the next two singles, Heart Of Soul and White. In Canada, all 3 singles did make it to the stores, but in the UK, the White EP was ommitted. The box was unnumbered and it's unknown how many of these exist. The Canadian singles came in slimline jewel cases and the UK singles were in Digipak cases.

Ceremony Stone in Box

Ceremony Stone

A promotional item released around the time of the Ceremony album, it's a blue stone in a white box. I don't know a lot about the origin of this item.

Ceremony Promotional Box

US Version

This is a white, two drawer box. There are two versions of this item, one released in Canada and the other released in the US. The US one contains the Ceremony CD, a Ceremony cassette and a video for Heart Of Soul. The Canadian one contains a Wild Hearted Son CD, an interview cassette, a Classic Cult CD, and a Wild Hearted Son video.

Crown Of Thorns T-Shirt


Black T-Shirt with same picture as on the Heart Of Soul CD single

Pure Cult Era

The Witch

The Witch was released as a single promoting the Pure Cult collection. It was one of the more difficult singles to come by, but came as a promotional 12" with purple vinyl from the US, and a CD single in a cardboard case from Australia.

Pure Cult Vinyl Box

Pure Cult was released in vinyl, but a special edition vinyl box set was also issued. It contained 4 discs, two were Pure Cult, and the other two were Live Cult from the Marquee show.

The Cult Era

Be Free CD Single

Originally given away free with 15 can packs of Labatt Genuine Draft. These CDs are one track, with a chance to win a full CD of the Cult.

Coloursound Related

Coloursound Sampler CD

Released in limited edition of 1000 copies. The songs were recorded in demo form on a 4 track recorder.

Coloursound Postcard

Holy Barbarians Related

Solo Ian related

Ian Astbury CD Sampler

The first semi-official place to get Ian's solo material. This sampler CD is actually an acetate CD with no label, in a slimline case.


Rare Cult Box Set

Rare Cult

Six CD set containing outtakes, demos and rare mixes. The first run of this box set came with a bonus 7th CD, containing yet more unreleased mixes. A total of 48 never before heard songs were included in this 90 song box set. Certainly a great set.