Thank You!

I appreciate and thank everyone who has given me assistance on building this page, but it's getting that it's so many people, I thought I should have a seperate Thank-You page. I'm sure I will forget some people, so please don't hesitate to drop me a line and I'll add you to this page.


Ian, Billy, Jamie, Les, Matt S, Matt G, Mike, Scott, Patrick, Kinley, Martyn, Ray, Billy M, John, Chris and all the others who have made the Cult and the related projects a truly memorable experience.

Steve Webbon and all the others at Beggars Banquet for the news, information, and sample CD.

Steven Holland for those excellent scans, amazing reviews, and High Octane Cult.

Todd Bainbridge for the amazing artwork throughout the page. He's the one who brought you all these banners, and all of the background art. What great work! Also, thanks Todd for giving me the push to get a domain registered for the web page.

Cole Gerst, the designer of the Cult Rising tour posters, who contributed his design for use in some of the site's graphics.

Debra Burris for helping me start my bootleg collection, and helping me with great reviews in the beginning.

Heidi Bray for prompting me to start the page in the first place. Just look at it now.

Julie P for all the Cult chat, and news from the other side of the Atlantic

Mahlon Inksetter for the videos and reviews

Ray Conway for some excellent pictures

John Grow, Peters Didier, Nancy, Colin, Pedro Sousa and all the others who I've no-doubt forgotten in this list.