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Welcome to the new and improved Cult Central. This site chronicles the past, present and future of the Cult and related projects. The Cult is Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy. In 2006 they added new members, John Tempesta on Drums, and in 2015 they picked up Grant Fitzpatrick on bass and Damon Fox on keyboards and rhythm guitar.

As always, we're interested in contributions including stories, reviews, news, pictures, artwork, and anything else that may be on your mind. You can reach me by E-Mail, on MSN Messenger (My user name is:, Skype (jon.taylor1971), or by snail mail (please request my address). Also note that Cult Central has a Facebook account associated with the eMail address:

2020 was supposed to continue the Sonic Temple 30 tour, but as we all know a global pandemic has put a halt to that. While dates are scheduled for October and December, my feeling is that these will likely be pushed back again.

In the meantime Billy has been fairly busy over the past little while. He's been doing a few "Falcon Friday" posts on social media which he plays clips of songs - some more rare than others. He's also been living in England and working on new music for both Coloursound and the Cult.

Speaking of the Cult, they are working with a new producer for new material. Tom Dalgety has been mentioned as working with the Cult. He's got quite the resume with bands like the Pixies, Royal Blood, Killing Joke, Simple Minds, Demob Happy, and the Maccabees. No word on when new material may be out, but with no touring available the band has a lot of time to work on this new music.

2022 has started with optimism and dates scheduled in both North America and Great Britain. The Cult will be headlining shows in the South from Florida to California. It's been a while since there have been any shows, so it will be good to be able to see the band again. In Great Britain, it will be a double headliner show with the legendary Alice Cooper. Looking forward to hearing reports from the road!

Billy has created a new web site to chronicle his achievements and current activity. You can find it at Make sure you sign up to his mailing list to get the latest information.

If you're on Facebook there's a bunch of activity there. Brian Astbury, who is Ian's brother, has created a "Rare Cult" group where people can post photos of their rare items. There have been some really cool items show up on there - it's a great place to explore the true depth of collectables that the band have available. In addition the Band has a group along with each band member individually . There are plenty of interesting news tidbits to read about there.

As always, please feel free to continue to send in reviews of the shows this year (and previous years for that matter), it's great to have that information on the site for everybody to read.

Pop by the message board using the link on the right. Lots of fans dropping in to discuss various aspects of the band and side projects.

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