Song Information - Be Free
Be Free
Written By:Ian Astbury/Billy Duffy
Albums the song appears on: The Cult,
Played live for the first time:Oct 12, 1992
Most recently played live:Mar 18, 1995
Notes:This song was also available as a promotional CD from Labatt Genuine Draft beer in Canada. It was a one track CD, which gave the listener a chance to win a copy of The Cult's self titled album. The lyrics to this song contain reference to Ian's first born son, Dustyn, and his wife Heatherlynn.
Remix Information:A single remix is available on the French release of the Be Free CD single.
To be free
Like the birds and the bees yeah
To be free sister free sister free
Like the wind in the trees
You gotta fly if you wanna survive
Don't eat shit if you wanna stay fit

Free yeah, like the birds and the bees
Free, you gotta stay free free free

You gotta burn sister you gotta learn yeah
You gotta lie, cheat and lie, cheat and lie
If you wanna survive
Don't get high if you don't wanna fly
Yeah free like Dusty and me
I gotta tell you what its all about

Free yeah like the birds and the bees
Free yeah you gotta stay free free freedom

Yeah Freedom Well Free Freedom

Free like the birds and the bees
You gotta fly sister fly sister fly
If you wanna survive
Gotta be free like sweet H and me