Song Information - American Horse
American Horse
Written By:Ian Astbury/Billy Duffy
Albums the song appears on:Sonic Temple
Played live for the first time:Jul 3, 1989
Most recently played live:Oct 15, 2002
Remix Information:There is a demo version of this song available
Stick it in your ear
'Cause it ain't exactly clear
What you people hear
I tell you that's right
Sucker in the middle
Blowing hot and cold
Cracking his whip on the American horse

He's gone crazy, completely crazy
Trying to tame the American horse

Feather in his mane
Showing no fear
Of a twisted shady fool
Tell you that's right
Truth's a mighty clear
Forever on and on
Never break a spirit
Of the American horse

On the day they tried to tame
The American horse

Riding on a pony
Riding against the wind
And in came Brando
And told it like this