The Cult - Warfield Theater, Nov 17/2015
San Francisco, California, Warfield Theater
Opening Band: Primal Scream
THE CUUUUULLLLTTT! Thats what I yelled during the Warfield show 11 17 2015 till my voice ran dry, till my throat hurt, till my body got fatigued, till I couldn't yell anymore... then I yelled all over again! Having seen the CULT 7 times and them becoming, through uncompromising hard work and an equally incredible Spiritual Nature over the years, by far my all time favorite and most respected artists, yelling THE CUUULLLTTT at all the right times is my way of showing respect, appreciation and hope for more shows. Having wore my native/ceremonial headdress and opossum skull necklace is also a show of maximum appreciation! I felt "electrically charged" after the show and still strongly feel pangs of powerful current in all I do day to day. Their level of commitment to EXCELLENCE remains unparalleled at any other level of artistry and workmanship, and inspires me daily to be my best! IAN and BILLY are a partnership in freedom like no other. Have Fun, Be Free and go see this one of a kind experience...THE CUUUULLLLLTTTT! I look forward to the next Warfield CULT SHOW...the sooner....the Better! THE CULLLLTTT

Horse Nation
Lil' Devil
Dark Energy
The Witch
Honey From A Knife
Wild Flower
Sweet Soul Sister
Fire Woman
She Sells Sanctuary
The Phoenix
Love Removal Machine