The Cult - The Joint, Jun 6/2015
Las Vegas, Nevada, The Joint
Opening Band: Public Enemy
I caught the last couple of songs of opening act, Public Enemy. Not familiar with them due to my limited musical taste. They sounded OK just not my type of music. At 9:45 the lights go down to a crowd of about ¾ capacity. A decent turnout considering all the distractions the Sin City has to offer. The tribal melody starts and then a perfectly executed psychedelia launch into The Phoenix. Nicely done and I'm thinking this is going to be good!

My first time at this venue so I didn’t know what to expect or what is normal but the sound was lacking. A terrible shame that is was over amplified/distorted through heavier portions of the set. There was a distinctive hammering coming back from the left wall much like waves abruptly hitting a shore.

Ian not in a real chatty mood tonight other than trying to get the crowd going and likening the mood to a "funeral" then using his best proper (UK) English saying that tonight would be an acoustic set of 14th century renaissance music. Too funny! Later with the crowd still not responding he said that we had been watching too much TV. Nearing the encore he asked the crowd for a "little grease" to get the band going. Of the upcoming release Ian said that it was, "going to be really good...really have no idea". Toward the end of the set he added that they had one more show to do and then they would finish up. "Look for something big in September", he said. At one point Ian said that they were just plowing through it (the set) and in a bad way this was partially true given the shortcomings in the sound.

While Jimmy does not have the stage presence that Chris had, there was nothing lacking and he did an outstanding job filling the void even adding a wee bit of backing vocals on the encore, LRM. Welcome Jimmy!!!

Duffy playing as flawlessly as ever and finishing just as strong as he had started. What can be said?

Damon has some work to do to be able to fit that keyboard in. The intro to SSS was so badly butchered that it was unintelligible. The use of the Theremin for The Witch was enhancing if not for its overuse in the near dog whistle frequency range. By gauging the crowd response this was not well received either. Most of the keyboards were inaudible unless there were quieter segments. Backing vocals on Wild Flower were so overpowering that Ian kept going in and out of the chorus lyrics. Backing vocal during Little Devil was subdued yet the vocal tone (?) seemed out of place. The keyboard with Horse Nation sounded incredible however – very impressed! Rhythm guitar was standard issue Cult rhythm guitar.

2 of my favorites from this show were Horse nation and Spiritwalker with Tempesta beating the crap out of that drum kit with precision – AWESOME! These sounded new and powerful while the G rated version of Gone was a bit of letdown. Not one of my top Cult shows but was pleased none the less. My beautiful Wife had given the ticket to me as a birthday gift and who could honestly complain about this?!

The show clocks in at 1h & 10m. Prior to leaving the stage Ian breaks into an Elvis – like harmony of "Viva Las Vegas". Viva The Cult and here’s to the new music and a NW tour to follow!

The Phoenix
Wild Flower
Sweet Soul Sister
The Witch
Lil' Devil
She Sells Sanctuary
Horse Nation
Love Removal Machine