Born Into This

Born into this is an amazing expression of learning and rebirth in my opinion. I believe some of the songs are a reflection of his time in Tibet where he was learning more about the Buddhist religion. I am so drawn to the bass line in Tiger Burning in the Sun. That is such a great opening. In Holy Mountain I love the line, "Your a wild thing, you say wild things, but much too wild I think". I read two on line reviews of this song. One writer said he was doing a bad impression of Elvis and another said he was copying Jim Morrison. What? Ian is using his own unique deep voice but others need to compare him with someone they already know. Billy's guitar playing riffs are right on and stay with you in your head. I even heard a bit of love removal machine in illuminated. That made me smile. Overall I think this is a strong rock album and one I will play often.

Dustin Parker - Toronto, Canada