Best Of Rare Cult

Love Removal Machine - Same as before. Wimpy version of the song. Not bad for historical purposes.

Zap City - sounds great on CD (As does Love Trooper)

Edie (Ciao Baby) (Acoustic) - great version. Have not heard it for a while.

Bleeding Heart Graffiti - Always a favorite. Sounds just like Zep though.

Now for the big ones...

Spanish Gold - By far the best new song! It is very Over the Hills and Far Away. Fantastic. Could have been a single.

Join Hands - Good song. Powerful and grows on you. Again, it would have been a great album track.

Lay Down Your Gun - Cannot stand this one - LOL mate

Go West - what a cool version of this song. Totaly different version - softer, funkier. Great stuff

No 13 - standard classic

She Sells Sanctuary - Love the tune hate the heh heh heh at the beginning.

Faith Healter - Almost forgot this cover song - WOW totally epic stuff. Great guitar if you love to rock.

Buy it ASAP - lets storm the charts.

-Jeffrey Caswell

Love Removal Machine - I much prefer this version to the version on Electric. I have had this track for quite a while on my box set (as most of the other tracks on this CD). They should have put the original version of Wildflower though. But this version is still good.

Zap City - Classic Cult song

Faith Healer - I find this song to be really strange. These lyrics just don't sound like something Ian would write. Still, not a bad song.

She Sells Sanctuary (Howling Mix) - This version is great. I really like the ahhh ahhh part towards the end.

Edie (Ciao baby) (Acoustic) - This is a great version of a classic song.

Little Face - One of my personal favorites, and in my opinion one of the Cult's greatest songs.

Spanish Gold - Definitely one of the best songs on this album.

Love Trooper - I have always liked Love Trooper. It's a more upbeat Little Face.

The River - I always liked this song for it's Doors-like quality.

Lay Down Your Gun - One of my FAVORITES on this album! This song is so beautiful! I really love it!

No.13 - Pretty Good song. Not one of the best. Of course, Ian sounds amazing vocally. His great voice is really showcased throughout this album.

Bleeding Heart Graffiti - This has always been a favorite of mine. Lyrically and musically beautiful.

Sea and Sky - Beautiful song. But I prefered the edge of With Love.

Go West - I love the "break heads in a new land". I love the clarity of Ian's voice..and of course, Jaime plays a great bass as always.

Join Hands - Good song. I think it may have to grow on me..I prefer Lay Down your Gun.