21st Century

What a line-up!!! Billy Duffy (THE CULT), Mike Peters (THE ALARM), Craig Adams (THE MISSION) and Scott Garrett (ex-THE CULT) are COLOURSOUND. The band plays fantastic and modern sounding rock music in the vein of U2 (Achtung baby), THE CULT (The Cult), THE MISSION (Masque) and BLIND FISH. The clear and melancholic voice of Mike Peters sounds very powerful and fits perfect to Billy Duffy´s brilliant guitar playing. Every song is melodic, but has always the right power to blow you away. Especially Heavy rain, Alive and For The Love Of are real rocking and proof, why Billy Duffy is one of my favorite guitarists. With State Of Independence or This life. COLOURSOUND have written a few great rock songs with real hit potential. I also love the great ballad All Kinds Of Wonderful. Except View From A Different Window, I like every song on this album. Friends of the named bands must take a listen to this great band!

Rating: 8 points

-On The Rocks

Coloursound is the brainchild of Mike Peters (vocals and rhythm guitar), who was the driving force behind the Alarm, and Billy Duffy (lead guitar) of the Cult. They wrote all of the tracks as well as producing and arranging the album. These two are aided and abetted by the Mission's Craig Adams and Scott Garrett on drums.

The album opens with Under The Sun which gives an eastern kick to that classic Alarm sound - it's a pacey number with some great guitar parts. Fountainhead leans much more towards the Cult's sound; a full on rock song with a quieter mid section - its driving beat supports a fuzzy guitar sound.

A more laid back atmosphere infiltrates State Of Independence. There's an eastern feel apparent in the jangling guitars, and a really nice vocal change in the middle eight. A simple guitar line leads into Heavy Rain which belies the fact that this is a real rocker. Thrashed guitar riffs are interspersed with some great anguished axe-man breaks, all underpinned with fuzzy bass sounds and a heavy rhythm.

View From A Different Window gives an entirely new perspective on Coloursound. It starts off gently with acoustic guitar supporting the vocals. This number is more vocal led than most on the album, but still has some wonderful guitar breaks. It's a great song - this and the next, Alive, are my two favourite tracks.

Yet another side of Coloursound is apparent in Alive. It's seven minute length encompasses several mood changes - and some surprising sounds. It begins fairly quietly with some spacey sounds and echoing guitars. Then the pace picks up and the sound becomes somewhat reminiscent of Hawkwind at their rockin' best. This is followed with a harder edged, sparser sounding section before returning to the more space rocking! What a fabulous number - I love it.

This Life takes us back to basics - and these guys can certainly knock out a good basic rock song. All Kinds Of Wonderful is another laid back number with some more of the fuzzy guitar sounds and a wonderful vocal melody. For The Love Of is the weakest song on the album with, perhaps too many sounds being thrown together. Where Do You Want To Go? is another rocker with another great vocal melody and some wonderful guitar work.

The last track on the album is another real goodie! Fade In Fade Out Fade Away starts off with acoustic guitar accompanying Mike Peter's voice while, in the background, gentle electric guitar phrases sing out of alternate speakers. Then the sound gradually builds up, becoming much fuller and more bluesey, and the vocals become harsher before, sadly, the music just fades out ...

Now, I must admit that I have a fondness for Mike Peter's music (I still frequently play, and love, my Alarm CDs) and I guess that anybody who likes either the Alarm and/or The Cult - or indeed the Mission - will enjoy this album. Certainly, if you like guitar led classic rock music this should appeal to you.

Marisa - New Horizons

Impressive return from former Cult guitarist. It seems that good things really do come to those who wait. Or, at least they have come for ex-Cult guitarist, Billy Duffy, a man who has been away from the limelight for the best part of the '90's.

Duffy's latest project, Coloursound, is helped in no small way by former Alarm frontman Mike Peters - a man with a voice big enough to punch through skyscrapers. Together they produce a righteous, full-blooded rock album with granite riffs and enough hooks to land the biggest catch since 'Jaws'. Duffy sounds just as good as he ever did in The Cult but what's really impressive about Coloursound is the quality of the songs. There's only one track, (This Life) which disappoints and that's only because it follows the impossible-to-ignore Alive.

Focused and hungry, Coloursound is a real riot.

Steve Beebee - Kerrang