Song Information - Dirty Little Rockstar
Dirty Little Rockstar
Written By:Ian Astbury/Billy Duffy
Albums the song appears on:Born Into This
Played live for the first time:Aug 3, 2007
Most recently played live:Nov 16, 2008
Remix Information:No known remixes
So you be a Dirty Little Rockstar
Blood stained sleeve your Slimane Dior
You live a lie sold your soul for the paper
Ya be a slave be a media whore
Snake skin heal and a cold black charm
Shootin saphires up a dead man's arm
Hyenna lurk outside your door
You're passed out on the bathroom floor

Bite your lip
Shake your hip
Taste the whip
You wanna be a Dirty Little Rockstar
I don't see no Dirty Little Rockstar

Chaos breeds under heaven's skyline
Your young hearts are melting only phoenix survive
Stay in the game you sick lil hipster
You get it all, get ahead