The Cult - College Street Music Hall, May 7/2017
New Haven, Connecticut, College Street Music Hall
Opening Bands: Vowws
You guys rocked New Haven last night! Couldn't believe the place wasn't sold out. Most bands probably would have canceled the date but sure am happy you didn't. I'm sure you thought the audience was clueless when in the middle of a song you were going to introduce the band members but nobody clapped so you skipped it. I was up in loge with awesome seats clapping and yelling. Been following the band since you broke out and consider you to be one of the best bands going. Saw the Foxwood show last year also. Good thing you're still touring. Thanks again for an awesome show.

Wild Flower
Dark Energy
Honey From A Knife
Lil' Devil
Birds Of Paradise
Deeply Ordred Chaos
Sweet Soul Sister
Fire Woman
The Phoenix
She Sells Sanctuary
Peace Dog
Love Removal Machine