The Cult - Fort Calgary, Jul 13/2016
Calgary, Alberta, Fort Calgary
Opening For: Kiss. Opening Band: Moist
The Show was in Calgary, Alberta , Canada......

It consisted of the awesome line up of Moist, The Cult and KISS. It was held at Fort Calgary a great outdoor venue. A Private Concert The O&Y Party that happens every year.

I want to express Ian and Billy still have it !. it sounded great, Ian still has it. When I say " Still has it" I mean Still Has It..... You boys sounded Excellent I didn't want it to end.... I mean KISS Rocks.... But The Cult has always been a go to band of great and diverse sounds with excellent shredding guitars of Duffy and the deep haunting vocals of Ian.

You played some of your classics ( She Sells Sanctuary, Pheonix, Sweet Soul Sister - which will always kick ass) Wild Flower, Love Removal.... I had a great time !..... Needed more The Cult !.....:D Your new cd HIDDEN CITY is a stellar recording, with some of the sounds that we all know and love, with drops of new sounds and writing styles. An Excellent Recording.

Mr. Astbury...... You still have it and don't have any doubts....

Mr. Duffy......... You shred the crap outta your git's still ! I play guitar and have always loved your original sounds and technique ..... Salute--------

All in All...... Excellent Work Guys !. I'm looking forward to MORE from one of the only true rocking bands that still shakes the leaves off the trees !

SALUTE---------- Chad from Calgary...... Thanks Guys and keep it going, we don't have many new bands that can rock anything to an Earthquake ....... Like you guys still do !:)