The Cult - The Mountain Winery, Jun 5/2016
Saratoga, California, The Mountain Winery
great show at Yuppy WhiteAss Bowl, crappy venue. please come back to geary street n the fillmore.... (and the baby JBL PA sucked also. fuck this place)

and to Billy, thanks for the guitar pick. me n sasha support this band to the max. Sasha got a pick also !!!!!! we even drove all the way up to this temple of whiteness and bored tech execs. to c u.

but you guys tore it up anyways. luv ya :) the music was the best, loved the new 2nd guitar guy and the bassplayer. AND we were just 10 feet from Billy, that part was good..........

Fatz Treeboy
The Mountain Winery in Saratogra CA, I was given three days notice. Good show. Your older music is hard to beat. I have one question. Is there a myth behind horses and 'Horse Nation'? Anyway, bravo good show. Have fun and be safe on the rest of the tour.

Wild Flower
Dark Energy
Horse Nation
Lil' Devil
Birds Of Paradise
Deeply Ordered Chaos
Sweet Soul Sister
Fire Woman
The Phoenix
She Sells Sanctuary
Love Removal Machine