The Cult - Ethias Arena, Oct 30/2011
Hassalt, Belgium, Ethias Arena
Opening Bands: Patti Smith, The Mission
The Cult, once again in Belgium. To be honest, I can't have enough !! Yeah...The Cult are great. I'm already looking forward to their world tour in support of the new album next year. It's the 3rd time I'm coming to this Sinners festival in my proper country of Belgium. New wave music has always been popular, especially in the 80's. But of course, The Cult stand for many musical influences : new wave, pop, rock metal...

On the one hand, the crowd was very calm (during the whole day actually). Yes : we are all in our mid 40's and 50's nowadays. But on the other hand, when I checked the different newspapers the day afterwards, the reviews were alle the same. Patti Smith and The Cult saved the fesitval. All the other bands were poor. Even The Mission got bad reviews !

I was very pleased with the setlist : lots of songs from Love and Electric. That's the music the fans in Belgium wanna hear, including myself. The soundmix was a bit like a 'stormy weather' in the beginning, but from Spiritwalker, I really heard a tight Cult. Ian was very friendly toward the crowd and took the time necessary to have a little chat. Crowdpleasers like Nirvana, Lil' Devil and Rain, all passed the set. Edie sounded beautiful. In the end we got the strong Cult Rock and Roll songs, yeaaaah... Love removal and Sanctuary were like a shot in the bullseye ! The 9000 strong crowd showed their appreciation after all. The line-up from the band is really strong : Ian, Billy, John, Chris and Mike all do a splendid job. When you guys play in Belgium and in London again (my favourite city abroad), I will be there again in 2012. But I have 1 request. PLEASE PLAY THE SONG "LOVE" AGAIN during the 2012 tour, just like you did on the Love Live Tour. This is not only my favourite Cult song, but the most beautiful piece of mucic in history!!!

Best wishes from Belgium,

Luc Reunbrouck from Bredene city
The Phoenix
Horse Nation
Lil' Devil
Edie (Ciao Baby)
Sweet Soul Sister
Dirty Little Rockstar
Fire Woman
Love Removal Machine
She Sells Sanctuary