The Cult - Willie Dixon Blues Club, May /2011
Rosario, Argentina, Willie Dixon Blues Club
The night started off amazing, just come to the Willie Dixon I found pleasantly surprised to see more than 3 blocks of people waiting for The Cult. Wow! Many of the band T-shirts made ???me more eager wait for the start of the show. After 11 pm, the place flooded, the band came on stage. As in the shows of the tour, the setlist started with EMAWIAS. The sound was not the same at the beginning to the end of the concert, Billy's face was not the best, apparently his microphone was not functioning as he would have liked, so Billy chose to leave without doing the vocals, only dedicated himself to play guitar, God! What a way to play! With "Rain" the place exploded! and continued so until at one time Ian took a break, and asked us 3 minutes of our attention for us to see his short film. Intense 3 minutes, cool. Later on we present a new song, "Until the Light Takes Us", great song!. At this point my legs were not the same at first, like my shirt, which was soaked with sweat! It is the 4th time I see the Cult live, and if anything I see that Ian loves is the famous Ole Ole Ole Ole, The Cult! The Cult! He loves you! And we too! Ole Ole Ole Ole ... The Cult! The Cult! For the encore arrived Rise, Spiritwalker and finally, the big surprise ... Break On Throug the Doors' classic And so ended a great night, great show, a historic show for the people of Rosario, who filled a fresh energy autumn night. The setlist could not memorize it or write it down, I think it went up as the band stage transport me to a parallel universe full of rock, full of energy that flowed from every point of the place. And the band rocking at full speed! Thanks Ian! Thanks Billy! Thanks John, Mike and Chris! Thank God for making me a fan of this glorious band!

Everyman And Woman Is A Star
Horse Nation
Sweet Soul Sister
Saints Are Down
Dirty Little Rockstar
Ghost Dance
Go West
Until The Light Takes Us
She Sells Sanctuary
Love Removal Machine
Break On Through