The Cult - Paradiso, Feb 5/2011
Amsterdam, Holland, Paradiso
Opening Band: Masters Of Reality
The opening band Masters of Reality played some nice riffs, but their set lasted much too long to keep attention.

After waiting for half an hour The Cult came on stage at 9.15 and started with Everyman And Woman Is A Star, not a great opener. They continued with a rather pale version of Rain, but from the 3rd song Horse Nation onwards the concert was great. The overall sound was great, Ian's voice was better than during the 2009 Love Live concerts we attended. He even looked better and younger with no beard and his long hair in a pony-tail, but he must watch his weight.

And what to say of Billy? There are no words to describe how heavenly the sounds are which come from his fingers and his guitars. No guitar-player in the world can match this.

They play the same setlist every night on this European Tour, but it is a very varied setlist, with songs from 1983 thru 2010 and consisting of no less than 19 songs. Really a setlist for the diehard Cultfan, but maybe not so suited for the occasional concert-goer, who wants to hear all the old favourites.

In this form and with these songs The Cult is still relevant and I hope these 5 people stay together for many more years to give us evenings of the highest rock 'n roll experience.

Unfortunately some drunks in the audience started to fight halfway the show, but this didn't last long.

When we left the legendary Paradiso club (housed in a former church-building) there was police in the street and some policemen went into the building. They came out with one guy and pushed him in a police-car. Another guy outside had a bleeding face. We don't know what happened after the show, probably the earlier fight continued.

Luuk Versluys
Last gig of the 'New blood deep cuts' tour in a packed and warm Paradiso in Amsterdam. My credits to Masters of Reality. They played a great set andthe crowd got into it more than in Groningen. The bandmembers got dutch flowersfrom Ian at the end of their support show. Ian especially spoke out his thanksto frontman Chris Goss for all his years of work. The Cult set was very straightand at one stage the crowd really got mad. Beer, sweat, blood and tears onthe floor. A friend of mine got hurt and misses two teeth now. Shame on the crazy agressive kid who was responsible for it. Lucky the security and later the police took him in. We missed the encore 'Break on through' from The Doors because ofit. Stayed in a hospital at midnight for more than an hour but my friend is quiet alright now. Has to see a dentist soon. Black spot on a great concert evening. Next time in Paradiso we take the balcony. We're getting to old for the pogo shit...The execellent setlist was the same as the whole 'new teeth blood on the floor' tour.

Hammie Jones
Everyman And Woman Is A Star
Horse Nation
Sweet Soul Sister
Saints Are Down
Dirty Little Rockstar
Ghost Dance
Go West
She Sells Sanctuary
Until The Light Takes Us
Love Removal Machine
Break On Through