The Cult - Oosterport, Feb 4/2011
Groningen, Holland, Oosterport
Opening Band: Masters Of Reality
Great concert thank you. Bangkok Rain wasn't played too bad.

mario boeg
The setlist says it all: what a great night! If you have so many good songs available that youíre only playing 1 song of your best selling album, than youíre truly great! This tour is a special treat for the true fans. The new songs, to me, seem to incorporate the atmosphere of the good olí indie days again. It looks like the boys have embraced the full repertoire again. And Iím liking it!

Michel Bleeker
We were at the Oosterpoort at Groningen 03-02-2011 and it was a Fucking great gig.

The people were a little slow in the begining but after an half an hour it was really good and everybody rocks.

The setlist was exellent billy was good as always.(the other members also)

I can not wait to see them on DAUWPOP HELLENDOORN this summer.

Gerard Haverkort
Another great gig from my favourite band THE CULT in Holland tonight. First time they played the 'Oosterpoort' in Groningen, or as Ian said first time sober. I enjoyed the songs very much, although the setlist was a risky one to keep the audience attention. As a diehard fan I enjoyed the old songs from the 'dreamtime era' very much ('Horse nation', 'Ghost dance', 'Go west'and of course 'Spiritwalker' in the encore). And I was surprised by the great performances of the more unknown album tracks 'White', 'Saints are down'and 'War'(which Ian introduced by mentioning the riots in Egypt). I also got blown away by the new tracks I already knew from the capsules. Maybe they can play 'Siberia' the next tour, because that song I like best fromthe new stuff. Look forward to the new album! At the first half of the gig the audience was a bit quiet but when 'Nirvana' and 'Sanctuary' came in theygot loose and the 'crowd pogo' really got on when 'Love removal machine'was played. Ian didn't talked much in between the first couple of songs, but later on he made statements and jokes. At one point he said that a reporter asked him if growing his hair long had something to do with a midlife crisis. Angry he acclaimed that he had had his midlife crisis when he was 3 and thought it was a silly question to ask. Later he joked about a guy who came intothe hall with a lot of beer ('let the beer man come in'). Also he said thathe liked the men with the long hair in the audience. Last surprise was the Doors cover 'Break on through' in the encore, very straight version! I look forward to the gig in Paradiso Amsterdam. Sold out again!

Hammie Jones
Everyman And Woman Is A Star
Horse Nation
Sweet Soul Sister
Saints Are Down
Dirty Little Rockstar
Ghost Dance
Go West
She Sells Sanctuary
Until The Light Takes Us
Love Removal Machine
Break On Through