The Cult - Corn Exchange, Jan 22/2011
Cambridge, England, Corn Exchange
Opening Band: Romance, Masters Of Reality
Saw the Cult on Saturday in Cambridge at the Corn Exchange. What a treat it was! The sound was very tight and the band seemed on fire. A big thank you to Billy and Ian for shaking up the setlist and digging out some of the elder stuff, e.g. Ghost Dance, Go West, White, War and Saints Are down. From the newer ones EMWIAS, Embers and Until the Light takes us were fantastic!!! Please keep those numbers in the setlist.

The whole set was a killer for the die-hard fans. I'm not sure wheter everybody at the Corn Exchange appreciated it first, but after Billy's reminder in between the second half of the set the crowd went much more nuts - as did Billy for himself after the crowd pleaser Wild Flower. Sanctuary with everybody clapping along sent me shivers through my spine. Set list ran as on the other nights before.

On a more personal note: I've seen the Cult twice in Cologne 1994 and 2008. The first show was average, the second good, but the third in Cambridge was excellent. If you are able to spare the time and money, go and see them in England. It is worth every penny. I came back with the definite impression that these guys love to rock out. Carry on, you really kick ass.

Everyman And Woman Is A Star
Horse Nation
Sweet Soul Sister
Saints Are Down
Dirty Little Rockstar
Ghost Dance
Go West
She Sells Sanctuary
Until The Light Takes Us
Love Removal Machine
Break On Through