7" Singles:

June 6, 2000
High Time Amplifier/Tyger (Demo Version)
UK:Beggars Banquet - BBQ 334
Notes:The first single from Spirit Light Speed

CD Singles:

High Time Amplifier (Witchman Mix)/High Time Amplifier (Album Version)/High Time Amplifier (Mental Defectives League Mix)/High Time Amplifier (One True Parker Mix)
Released:May 2000
UK:Beggars Banquet - NBG 1
Notes:This is a promotional CD single with some rare remixes of High Time Amplifier. The catalog number was created when the album was going to be called Natural Born Guerilla (hence the number NBG 1).

High Time Amplifier/Tyger (Demo Version)/High Time Amplifier (Witchman Version)
Released:June 6, 2000
UK:Beggars Banquet - BBQ 334CD
Notes:The first single from Spirit Light Speed


Ian Astbury Album Sampler: High Time Amplifier/It's Over/Tonight
Released:August 1999
Notes:This is an album sampler for Ian's upcoming solo album.

Spirit/Light/Speed: Back On Earth/Hi Time Amplifier/Devil's Mouth/Tonight (Illuminated)/Metaphysical Pistol/The Witch (Slt Return)/It's Over/El Che Wild Like A Horse/Tyger/Shambala
Released:July 4/2000
Germany:Beggars Banquet - BBQ:5220820032
Holland:Beggars Banquet - BEGGA:031- 22
Japan:Beggars Banquet - MECI 25157
UK:Beggars Banquet - BBQCD 208
Notes:This is Ian's long awaited solo album. The album was completed in 1998. The demo of this album was made available in July of 1999. The Japanese version of the album comes with the Witchman remix of High Time Amplifier.